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25. 09. 2014

GigaKOM Attends CETPA 2014 boot #732

GigaKOM Attends CETPA 2014

Sacramento, CA, November 18th, 2014

Entering its 11th year, GigaKOM will again attend the California CETPA Expo in Sacramento, California.

This year GigaKOM is presenting to California Technical Professionals  the latest in Technology designed to support and enable California's schools.  "Solving the Education Puzzle Through Technology" is GigaKOM's theme for this year's event.  Focusing on technologies that extend from the traditional network into the Classroom, campus and beyond.

Highlighted this year will be technologies from:

Hosted VoIP - Do you require a high quality, reliable, feature rich phone system (PBX) or collaboration platform that simply works? Just as important is for your solution to grow and change as your business does the same. Now add your desire for cost savings and business continuity, and you’ve just answered the question of “Why should I have a hosted solution” services.

Lenovo - The leader in the Public Sector and Fortune 500 end user computing technologies, GigaKOM will be demonstrating All-in-One units, small form factor and tablet computing technologies.

Cisco - Cisco has always been a leader in the "back room" technologies for building enterprise class networks and wireless systems.  Today, Cisco comes out from the infrastructure and takes a lead in the Classroom.  Cisco's Digital Media System leads the way enabling Video technologies to expand and enhance the learning and teaching environment.

Video Surveillance - Today more than ever security and asset protection are critical in our learning institutions.  GigaKOM brings this technology to Schools with Milestone Software, Axis and Mobotix cameras, and a host of deployment solutions.