Digital Signage and Messaging

Digital Signage is one of the fastest growing communications media in the world today.  Frost and Sullivan, a leading industry research firm, defines digital signage as "a network of displays that can be remotely managed and whose business model revolves around merchandising, advertising, entertainment, corporate or educational communication."

The advantage that digital signage presents to organizations include an interactive and dynamic solution that addresses communication challenges and provides the capability to communicate  timely and relevant information.

Let GigaKOM's certified team work with you to determine how Digital Signage can improve your organization, save money and even generate additional revenues!


  • Greater Message impact by using full motion, full color video and sound
  • Messages can change faster, easier, and with less expense when compared to printed signage
  • The message can be altered based on time, day or week or even weather
  • Messaging can be for regional, local, or site specific content

Industry Benefits:


  • Communicate information more effectively and efficiently
  • Make operations more efficient
  • Highlight company achievements
  • Motive the workforce
  • Communicate policy and plan changes
  • Save time it takes to distribute - and correct - information
  • Alert employees and others to emergencies


  • Promote products and services
  • Reach customers with Point of Sale information
  • Draw foot traffic
  • Increase awareness or new high value products
  • Promote product pushes
  • Build Brand awareness
  • Partner in advertising


  • Promote restaurants and lounges
  • Keep guests informed of activities
  • Keep guests in touch with the outside world
  • Customize content for special events and groups
  • Sell advertising
  • Extend content beyond the lobby


  • Promote Campus events
  • Disseminate current information
  • Broadcast emergency alerts and instructions
  • Add revenue through advertising
  • Improve instructional effort
  • Centralize the distribution and production of content