Network Management

GigaKOM believes in providing a complete and comprehensive support program to our Clients.  As such, we have developed an encompassing maintenance program for the operations and optimization of your network called CareKOM.  CareKOM provides for the complete delivery of maintenance services from hardware and software warranty programs, preventative maintenance, pre-scheduled maintenance services and on-demand remote and on-site technical support.  The goal of our CareKOM is to keep your network in an optimized state insuring the highest uptime and dependability.

 Our engagements for Network and System support follow a program developed on the combined interaction of you the Client and your GigaKOM support team.

In order to insure the best support is delivered to the Client, GigaKOM has defined the following steps for a complete maintenance package.  As a starting point, the Client and GigaKOM Meeting to define services and scope of work based on the following.

We start the process with an initial engagement.  This engagement includes a client meeting, to review the maintenance program, gather information and determine the scope of services.  GigaKOM then performs a network assessment to understand and document the network.

 After completing the Assessment and scope of work, GigaKOM begins the CareKOM functions which include providing proactive network maintenance of the networking infrastructure.  Maintenance is comprised of services such as: Configuration backups; software upgrades; and security patches.

 For the Client’s computing infrastructure we provide server support for eligible devices.  Proactive maintenance includes performing security and health checks, patch management, and Active Directory (AD) maintenance.  Services can also include exchange maintenance and maintenance of backup systems.

 In addition to proactive maintenance, GigaKOM provides qualified technical support for on-site and remote support.  Our support is comprised of pre-scheduled site visits as well as on demand services.

 The final components of CareKOM are the management of hardware and infrastructure failures and the handling of repair parts.  GigaKOM offers and manages material replacements through multiple vehicles including warranties, spare parts pools, and contingency pools.