wirelessWireless Network Access….  It’s everywhere and everyone WANTS it.  Staff, students, employees, customers and visitors EXPECT it… and they expect YOU to provide it.

GigaKOM can help you deliver!

What Can a Wireless Network Give You?

Cost Savings, Time Savings, and Flexibility.

Save Time - by providing wireless network services when and WHERE they are needed most, without adding additional staff resources.            

Unified wireless networks build upon your existing data infrastructure.        

Modern wireless networks support video, voice, and data, allowing you to extend your wireless VOIP services SECURELY.

Centralized management gives you single-click control of your entire wireless infrastructure.

Save Money - A Unified Wireless network is often more cost effective than installing dedicated cable drops, and is less costly than you think.

Solution: You know you need a wireless solution, GigaKOM can help you get it.

Wireless networks can be as simple as a simple single access-point or as complex as a multi-site Active Directory integrated enterprise solution.

Whatever your wireless needs are, GigaKOM has a solution for you.