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GigaKom follows a phased approach for
new component integration into any network.

GigaKOM will define activities needed to successfully deploy and operate new system(s) and optimize performance during the life cycle of the solution.

GigaKOM's phase approach includes:
1. Preparation & Design
2. Implementation
3. Operation & Optimization

Preparation & Design Phase, GigaKOM will analyze customer needs, identify, and confirm the products and solutions necessary to propose a High Level Design and product to address customer needs. We will list all necessary parts numbers and any additional hardware needed to deliver the solution. We will allocate key members of the team trained and certified in the technology.
In this phase we also perform a network assessment. GigaKOM will prepare for your deployment with a comprehensive site assessment that evaluates the readiness of your current facilities infrastructure to support the new technology. GigaKOM will identify physical, environmental, electrical and procedural modification that should be made prior to implementation. As part of the assessment GigaKOM will provide Assessment Analysis documents for each of the below specified actions with findings and the mitigation plan with any potential costs.

Implementation Phase, GigaKOM will install the new technology into the customer’s network, ensuring it is integrated without disrupting the network or creating points of vulnerability. The implementation phase includes a Project Planning cycle, customer kick-off meetings, equipment staging, Implementation, testing, final sign-offs, and system as-built documentation.

Operation & Optimization phase, GigaKOM will ensure that the newly implemented solution is operating efficiently and is highly available. GigaKOM will propose a maintenance support structure to help ensure that the customer’s networks are operating at peak performance, resolve problems quickly as they arise, and adapt the architecture, operation, and performance of the network to change.

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