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GigaKOM's IP telephony services provide a way for you to extend consistent communication services to all your employees, whether they are in main campus locations, at branch offices, working remotely, or are mobile. Regardless of the size of your organization, GigaKOM's DialKOM solutions save time and help control costs, while improving productivity and competitiveness.

DialKOM Defined

Small and medium sized business telephony services, primarily using Voice Over IP (VoIP), augmented with GigaKOM installation, integration, and support services.


Save Money

Costs associated with employee moves, adds, and changes are virtually eliminated because the tasks can be handled in-house simply by moving an IP phone into a different network jack.

Save Time

IP communications resulted in less employee "phone tag" for 50% of origanzations surveyed by Sage Research. The increased productivity added up to 3.9 hours per week per employee, or 25 days per employee per year.


Gain all of the benefits of an enterpirse class PBX without the cost, space, power, and noise, over your existing integrated data network.

did you know ?

When voice and data travel over the same network, companies save the costs of creating and maintaining a separate telephone network.


Installation cost for new systems drop by up to 60% because company only needs to purchase and install one infrastructure instead of two.

Utilizing a converged network cuts the recurring expense of services provider charges for traditional voice services.


Using the data network to transport voice traffic allows for significant reductions in annual voice circuit costs by eliminating redundant, expensive leased lines.

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