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GigaKOM offers you the best cabling, network engineering, optimization, and wireless solutions.

GigaKOM offers our customers the best customized network security solutions.

Reduce hardware and operating costs by as much as 50% and energy costs by 80%.

GigaKOM follows a phased approach for new component integration into any network.

GigaKOM believes in providing a complete and comprehensive support program to our Clients.

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GigaKOM’s engineers hold the highest levels of certification in all the technologies we support. Our staff is highly qualified and is always available to assist you with any of your technical needs.
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Technology is now defining how students think, communicate and interact with their environment.

In order to best serve our Government and Educational customers, GigaKOM has multiple purchasing vehicles available.

Regardless of your business needs, we can help your business achieve the most from your technology investment.

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