Since Year 1, GigaKOM has been supporting school districts with their E-Rate Category 2 needs for Internal and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.

The Universal Service program has several restrictions on the use of funds to collect discounts. The following restrictions are required for the E-Rate applicant to receive discounts on these services.

Services and / or Products.

These will be limited to only those dealing with technical support of telecommunications and internal connections as specified in the latest version of FCC Document CC Docket No. 96—45 Schools and Libraries Eligibility List or the latest rules posted on the SLD website Any services and / or products not covered on the eligibility list must be covered under a separate contract and invoice.

The services and / or products for which support is sought must be the delivery of services to the classrooms or other places of instruction at schools and libraries that meet the statutory definition of an eligible institution. Discounts are not available for internal connections in non-instructional buildings of a school or school district, or in administrative buildings of a library, to the extent that a library system has separate administrative buildings, unless those internal connections are essential for the effective transport of information to an instructional building of a school or to a non-administrative building of a library. 47 C.F.R. § 54.506.

All services / products must be performed / supplied during the respective E-Rate funding year which normally runs from January to March.