GigaKOM takes pride in being a leader in the network engineering field. With our extensive experience in developing data centers, server farms, and network architecture, GigaKOM is qualified for your next project.

The “Best in class” network engineering solutions to upgrade your network. From developing and installing full data centers to upgrading, and optimally configuring your network infrastructure NetKOM offers it all.

  • Network Health Check
  • Content Networking Designs
  • Network Optimization


Save Money

Our highly trained engineers implement solutions as fast as possible to reduce down time, if any.

Save Time

Our extensive knowledge from various manufacturers allows us to quickly identify issues and recommend solutions.


Innovative engineering solutions provide you security, redundancy and reliability, to ensure stability to your critical applications.

Did You Know?

Your routers software may be vulnerable to DoS attacks.

Have GigaKOM upgrade routers IOS

Many broadband connections are not optimally configured.

Have GigaKOM optimize your broadband connection for maximum throughput and reliability.