GigaKOM’s extensive experience and knowledge in network systems and configurations is aimed toward promoting “Best-in-Class” engineering solutions. Mobility solutions from GigaKOM enable the reliable and uninterrupted use of critical applications seamlessly integrated within the existing infrastructure to ensure an optimal mobile experience.

GigaKOM offers on-premise and cloud-based solution installation, migration, configuration, and system application optimization in the following key areas:

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Remote Workforce Services
  • Remote Workforce Management


Save Money

Uninterrupted access to work applications and tools to increase productivity

Save Time

Quick integration with existing networks through use of BYOD devices to minimize ramp up time


Seamless compatibility with existing infrastructure to ensure network stability

Did You Know?

A total of 55% of all public-school students, including those in charter schools, were at home, in distance learning, according to an EdSource analysis of new data released by the state.

GigaKOM provides offers varies mobility solutions for remote learning.

One of the biggest challenges in K-12 remote learning is not having access to high-speed internet to be able to access educational content.

The use of BYOD devices can quickly integrate to an existing network.