The numbers are strong indications of the continued growth in IP-based solutions. Just a few years ago, digital solutions in total represented about 2% of the total market. In the newest reports for video surveillance, IMS Research states that for new sales, analog recording systems are forecast to account for less than 5% of the market.

IP-based video surveillance and recording solutions and professional installations. Along with our partners, GigaKOM provides the industry’s best solutions for video image surveillance in a local network, and hosted environments.

  • IP Video Surveillance System, Design, and Installation
  • Hosted and Local Platforms
  • Digital Signage


Save Money

Deploy your video surveillance system over your existing high-speed network, eliminating additional cabling required of analog systems.

Save Time

GigaKOM will design and deploy your video surveillance system using standard video and computer hardware, thus reducing maintenance costs, and protecting your business environment.


Partnering with the industry’s leaders in video surveillance cameras, software, and servers, GigaKOM ensures your surveillance system performs on the leading edge, while remaining scalable to adjust to your growth.

Did You Know?

IP Video Surveillance systems are inherently more reliable than analog DVR systems.

IP-based data transports enable off-site storage and the ability to use redundant infrastructure, server, and storage architecture. By using standard server and network equipment, replacement time is considerably less than when using proprietary DVR solutions. Management software provides real-time system operation status and information on preventive measures.